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We’re an experienced team in Cloud Engineering and DevOps processes. Our work includes adoption, optimization, migration and monitoring involving cloud platforms and software development process automation.

We offer elite technical teams with extreme efficiency and work quality on each challenge we take, adding substantial and measurable value to your projects.




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DinoCloud at AWS re:Invent

Franco Salonia, CEO at DinoCloud, was one of the LATAM referents at the AWS re: Invent 2019 held in Las Vegas. We had the opportunity to present the lessons learned and how applying the Well-Architected ™ program helped our company.

We were pleased to be introduced by Dean Dierickx, Global Program Development Manager of the Well-Architected ™ Framework, who highlighted the work and evolution of DinoCloud.

Our services

We work in a quality, effective and excellence oriented approach, helping our customers reach digital transformation in their products and processes.

DevOps Practices

We help you introduce changes in your organization’s culture and processes, providing best practices and the latest technologies.

cloud engineering

We’ll help you design, install, migrate, develop and customize your scalable, flexible and cost-effective cloud environment.

monitoring & support

Creating and implementing a monitoring and logging strategy; our professionals; our professional experts are ready to help you manage your environment.

Infrastructure management

We help you create or transform your IT resources into a controlled, managed and replicable infrastructure.



We get in touch with your organization analyzing aspects such as culture, processes, people and technologies, evaluating the maturity and defining next steps.



We provide an implementation roadmap according to  the industry best practices and recommendations. We help you identify high impact areas of improvement and significant metrics.



We reach your goals providing quality oriented services with a team of certified professionals.



Together we define your KPIs to provide visibility to every area of your organization, whether it is engineering or upper management.


We have more than 60 success cases behind us and over 3 years in the industry. Driven by customer satisfaction, our services are based on:
Elite Technical Team
Improve your velocity, efficiency, and excellence in order to acquire the ideal status in terms of availability, security, and performance
100% Agile Methodologies
We focus on building perfect teams following the agile manifesto and staying side-by-side with you and your needs.
Flexible Contracts
We offer flexible month-to-month contracts so you're not locked in the long term. We have the ability to understand and build the one that fits more with you.
Excellence Driven
With exhaustive reviews and quality standard we focus on providing the best service following a well-defined definition of done. Your product will be passing through different stages to get quick feedback and improve the quality day-by-day.

They are the reason DinoCloud exists and grows day-by-day. Quality, compromise, and integrated teams are our main pillars to help clients achieve their objectives in a controlled, effective and reliable way.

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