Professional Services

Strategy & Consulting Services

Strategy & Consulting Services

As of any process in the world, first we need to define where we want to go. This process involves the expertise of a well-prepared team ready to diagnose your status and decide the right way to accomplish your objectives. At DinoCloud, we're prepared to document and diagnose your reality and prepare a well-defined process following your desires.

Implementation Services

Implementation Services

Following agile methodologies and best-practices in market, our experts present you the best solution to implement and take advantage of your desired objectives and goals. Implementation is a two-sided collaboration process. We will ask you for early feedback and you will be receiving value day-by-day. We're strong believers that agile methodologies are the key for this process.

Managed Services

Managed Services

With managed services, you gain access to elite teams of development and infrastructure specialists, who are experienced in the most complex production environments, across all types of databases, infrastructures, and applications. We can help you fill the gaps in your in-house team or be your team, providing full operational support. Our goal is it to provide a stable, consistent environment that is highly available and protected over the long run.

Your unusual service contract provider

Elite Technical Teams

  • Change your mind in the use of technology with the help of our qualified elite team.
  • Improve your velocity, efficiency and excellence in order to acquire the ideal status in terms of availability, security and performance.

100% Agile Methodologies

  • We don't know another way to work than agile methodologies.
  • We focus on building perfect teams following the agile manifesto and staying side-by-side with you and your needs.
  • You'll be receiving value form the very beginnings of the project.

Standard and Best-Practices oriented

  • With exhaustive reviews and quality standards, we focus on deliver the best product following a well-defined definition of done.
  • Your product will be passing through different stages to get quick feedback and improve the quality day-by-day.

Flexible Contracts

  • We offer flexible month-to-month contracts so you're not locked in long term.
  • We don't have a defined model but we have the ability to understand and build the one that fits more with you.


They are the reason why DinoCloud exists and grows day-by-day.

Quality, compromise, and integrated teams are our main values to help clients follow their desires and objetives in a controlled, fast and reliable way.

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