We are official AWS partners

On October 31th we had our “Halloween special”, where we talked about how to deploy highly available environments in the c

We are proud to announce, after a long journey, with certifications, success stories and courses, that DinoCloud is officially part of the Amazon Web Services Partners board.

This is the beginning of a trajectory full of challenges ahead, where we will be responsible for bringing the digital transformation to different industries and improving quality in the national and international industry.

Thank you very much to all those who are part of the DinoCloud team, to customers and partners, for trusting us 100% from day one. We believe that we have innovated the way, agility and quality in which services are delivered and value is added to the industry. We have as an ideal to be precursors and enablers of technological disruption in the various areas where digitalization is present.

Our chapter number eight, led by Nicolás Sánchez (COO) y Juan Cruz Díaz (Cloud Architect), left us experiences and best practices when planning a disaster recovery.

“This is the result of work, work and more work. To tirelessly throw together for the same side, making many sacrifices. But yes, there is no doubt that it is enjoyed. This is just the beginning!”.

Nicolás Sanchez – COO