provides digital payment processing solutions for companies. With its platform, any organization can start receiving online payments with credit cards, debit cards, banking and non-banking networks, simplifying the balance in a unified account.

The company includes services that facilitate the integration of new payment methods and innovative technologies, improving the customer’s payment experience.

Since 2014, they offer fintech solutions, creating new payment ecosystems that respond to the growing security and compliance requirements of industry standards.


We work together in two different milestones. A stage called DevOps transformation where we collaborate in all the DevOps processes and infrastructure maturity. In this milestone, the main objective was to create a 100% automated process, from the creation of the infrastructure to production deployment, without human intervention.

In a second stage, the client decided to conduct a Well-Architected review with DinoCloud, taking advantage of the opportunity of a relationship with an authorized partner. On this occasion they decided to prioritize improvements in security, operational excellence and reliability, with the objective of remedying 20% ​​of the risks in one month.

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