Mobile Multi-Platform Development

Hybrid application development is a world where no so many people are used to. The creation and use of different platforms around client solutions for software, generates the need of a controlled and single development for all of them.

Introducing DinoCloud's multi-platform development, we create a qualified self-contained solution that can run and work in any platform you may imagine: web, desktop, android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc. Forget about thinking on different providers for different platforms and spending lot of money in different development teams. We work in a single development for your needs and you obtain up to 5 different platforms ready to work with the product.


  • Scope setting of the application
  • Release and sprint planification
  • Data model definition
  • APIs definition
  • UX/UI design
  • Technology election
  • Time/Cost calculation

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  • Cloud-based backend development
  • Hybrid application development
  • Data and assets setting
  • Graphic resources creation
  • CI/CD pipelines creation
  • Development of Alpha and Beta Release

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  • Create capacity planning for production environment
  • Prepare solution for capacity planning definition
  • Set up monitoring tools, alerts and support processes
  • Promote release to production

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Why DinoCloud for Mobile Multi-platform Development?

  • Development aligned with business objectives
  • Templates agnostic. Personalized solution
  • UX design service for you if you need it
  • Short sprints with a new version in all of them
  • Continuous integration and delivery ready for automate your processes
  • High performant and reliable REST backends ready to receive any request
  • Beautiful and consistent UI in each client. Following market standards

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