Software development shouldn’t be a chore or painful. That’s why at DinoCloud we truly mean it when we say we are committed to the DevOps culture. What does that mean for your business? Simply put, the job’s going to get done perfectly aligned with your needs and culture, following industry’s best practices and bleeding edge technologies, always having stability and projection for the long run. You can be at ease now, you are collaborating shoulder to shoulder with a passionate company with a proven record.

  • Do you have an existing solution?
  • Do you know what you need? We’ll help you assess your business state.
  • Let’s come up with a great initial solution, together.
  • We’ll realize your vision with a great design, UX, A18Y & I18N in mind.
  • We’ll deliver a partnership plan suited for you.
  • We assemble the team: suited for scale and deadlines on the go.
  • We get to work: You are constantly having feedback and seeing meaningful results.
  • We test the solution, so improvements and (if needed) course corrections can be done.
  • We release it as a 1.0 version to your key audience, and monitor constantly this production build.
  • If needed we set up a CI/CD pipeline, so you can test and approve.
  • Here we start with an existing solution, improving the one you had or the one we carefully crafted for you.
  • We plan incremental releases from the base up, having new versions being tested and deployed as frequently as is convenient.
  • We are minded of your priorities and shift our efforts to them. Something strange comes up? No problem.
  • The solution is monitored, tested and checked as long as you are trusting us. No need to worry about it!

Why DinoCloud for Development Service?

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