Cloud computing involves, no matter if we're talking about public or private clouds, scalable, flexible and cost-effective environments. With few investment, you can quickly start developing competitive applications in short time and cost comparing them to in-house solutions. Our cloud engineering and consultancy service provides you all of the technical resources you're needing.

Our cloud experts are prepared to help you in the next cloud deployment through Cloud Consulting, Migration, Applications and Cloud Managed Services. We will help you to install, migrate, develop or even customize your cloud-based IT assets from on-premises into a public or private environment.


  • Why are you moving to the cloud?
  • How do we measure ROI?
  • Which workload are you managing?
  • How does your actual architecture look like?
  • Entire plan for application, migration or monitoring

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  • Design and development of new architecture model
  • Making decisions on the cloud technologies and services to use
  • Applying DevOps principles
  • Public, Private and Hybrid cloud environments
  • Optimizing your services for reliability, availability and security

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  • Defining and developing an automated operations framework
  • Setting up monitoring and logging frameworks
  • Testing your infrastructure to cover your requirements
  • Creating the operations channel and alerts
  • Developing runbooks and disaster recovery processes

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Why DinoCloud for Cloud Engineering?

  • Best-in-class on Cloud Engineering
  • DevOps principles from the very beginning
  • We provide business arguments among with technical solutions
  • We calculate your costs within the solution
  • A complete set of tools in our box to help you find the right approach
  • Perfect teamwork with you and us in order to achieve the goals

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